Asbestos and Non Asbestos Products
Our range of Asbestos and Non Asbestos Products the successful required for filling the area between dual mating surfaces. These products function by preventing leakage in to or from the joint products while working under compression.
Rubber Products
There are multiple advantages of using our rubber and Rubber products Range Rover metallic products when it comes to versatile applications. This is increasingly imperative to evaluate what material will meet the particular requirement of the customers.
Products that include multiple items deploy our packaging products range to keep every product contain before any purchase. Product containment additional permit supposed to be marketed in large amount.
PTFE Products
Our PTFE products range is a low friction, no respect, and tough material. Due to the flexibility, our range can deform and creep under hefty loads yet this can be raised by including fillers.

Our range of adhesive tapes is deployed in multiple applications with innovative employments being found each year. The application of our range will continue to expand as an arrangement to joining and fastenings due to advancements.
Plastics Products
The provided range of Engineering plastic products are abs and other sheets that are successfully used in car bumpers, Lego bricks, polycarbonates, motorcycle helmets ski woods, dashboard trim, and more
The offered Spiral Wound Gasket range is the most durable sealing components for application as well as arduous conditions. This range efficiently delivers rigidity, longevity, and functionality in every industrial application.

The HDPE Sheets are made available by us in various colors and types and are used for making high quality products like bottles and toys for kids. They have high durability and tensile strength for use.

Hips Products
The offered Hips products are made available by us in various types and are made for use in various commercial and industrial uses. They are very useful and can be transformed into various types of products.