Asbestos Rope

Because they were lightweight and extremely durable, asbestos ropes were frequently utilized by nautical sailors. In the past, this particular sort of rope was employed as rope packing around valves, pumps, and boiler doors.


Rubber Sheet

These Asbestos Jointing Sheets are created using superior quality materials. These are frequently used in several sectors to package a variety of items. They are created using carefully chosen fibres that are thoroughly mixed with the right fillers and binders for heat resistance .

Ceramic Fiberglass Rope

We provide high-quality ceramic fibre materials used to make Ceramic Fiberglass Rope. They are suitable for applications requiring high temperatures. The fundamental benefit of these ropes is that the insulating properties are unaffected.



Ceramic Tape

Ceramic fibre with an alumina-silicate basis is used to weave ceramic tapes, a thin, woven fabric. It resists chemical corrosion, has limited thermal conductivity, and little heat storage. Ceramic tape is commonly used in high temperature sealing, such as bolts tape, tadpole gaskets, and many others.

Ceramic Cloth

Ceramic fiber is combined with organic fiber to create ceramic cloth, which is then woven into fabric. It is a brand-new kind of inorganic thermal insulation that performs well at both low and high temperatures, is lightweight, has a low heat capacity, and is thermally efficient.


Rubber Mats

When standing on rubber mats, people have more stability and traction, which lowers their risk of slipping on a wet, slippery surface and increases their possibility of getting grip with the flooring. Additionally, they permit spills and debris to flow below them.


Asbestos Jointing Sheet

These Asbestos Jointing Sheets are often used to prevent leaking into or from the attached goods while they are crushed. Typically, these sheets are sliced from sheet materialse. They fill the void left by asbestos in the assortment of sealing materials.


Non Asbestos Jointing Sheet

The frame materials used to create Non Asbestos Jointing Sheets, such as aramid fibre and synthetic mineral fibre, are mixed in precise proportions with oil-resistant rubber binders, along with other useful additives, before being compressed.


Asbestos Cloth

With regard to fire resistance and vermin resistance, Asbestos Cloths made from asbestos yarns excel. The most typical usage of these is to create heat-resistant gloves, aprons, etc. These are used in places like glassworks, foundries, chemical works, welding shops, plastic molding shops, etc.

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